Open Letter 2

Henry Hafenmayer   ·   Stemmerstr. 1   ·   46145 Oberhausen

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Oberhausen, 12.02.2016

Polizeipräsidium Essen
Büscherstraße 2-6
45131 Essen
Dir. Kriminalität Kl ST KK
Von-Bock-Straße 50
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Case number: 502000-156493-15 / 8
Re: Your letter dated January 20, 2016 / My summons for February 15, 2016
Dear Mr. Chief Commissioner of the Criminal Police:
In connection with my campaign “The End of the Lie” I read that I am to be questioned by you as a suspect in a case of “hate speech.”
As you can see from the “open letter” you received from me,

“But laws that are applied to throw thousands into prisons, to disenfranchise them, to mentally and physically torture or murder them have no validity before the court of history. Laws that prohibit a person from calling a danger a danger openly contradict the will to selfpreservation that exists in any healthy people. Therefore, we must not fear these laws and must not submit to their proclaimers.”

Therefore I will not comply with your summons.
If the collaborators with the enemies of the German people want to drag me in front of their Inquisition court, they of course know where to find me.
I understand clearly that these criminals currently still have the power to stop me from disseminating the truth. However, they have no right to do this!
I too lived for many years of my life in ignorance and believed all the lies about our people.
Therefore I will not blame you if you still “believe.”
Crucial to the question of guilt in the courts that will convene after the liberation of the German people will be how you behave from now on. Because ever since the proven receipt of this letter you can no longer claim to know nothing of the continuing war against the German people and of its long-planned extermination.
If you are a German, it is now your primary duty to stand up and join the fight against both the enemy who acts in secret against us and his public helpers!
The oath to the FRG [„Federal Republic of Germany“], as an „organizational form of a modality of foreign rule“ (said Carlo Schmid), should make you feel one obligation –in the part in which it prescribes that you act for the benefit and protection of the German people!
So of course you should investigate „incitement“!
The Bundestag [parliament], the media both print and electronic, the courts, government agencies and authorities are bursting with perpetrators. All are destined to be condemned in the name of the German people for their guilt in creating a criminal organization that incites hatred against this very people.
Investigations of gangs of swindlers and thieves in the same circles will lead you to the same result!
In the end, all these offenders, including even yourself, have made themselves guilty of treason against the state and the nation!
The degree of mental derangement of our politically correct fellow citizens has reached a dangerous level. They thereby not only endanger themselves as individuals but drag their own people into the abyss!
The concept of „democracy,” invented by Jewry, was implanted in the confused peoples of the West. It has since been called the choice with no alternative and declared to be the highest good of mankind.
So it can be justified that “democracy” is imposed on ,recalcitrant peoples by force of arms and orgies of war and blood.
It was over 100 years ago that the following findings were written which should help you to grasp the root of the problem in the right place if you only want to finally realize this.

“Like an infectious disease, since 1789 the democratic idea has raged throughout Europe and all over the world; the good and the wicked, the healthy and the unhealthy have been be infected by this plague. Terrible has been the bloodletting this has caused for the Teutonic peoples, because
democracy is the repression of the purer and nobler race and the resurgence of the non-Aryan aborigines. Democracy is a child of orientalised Latins and almost always tantamount to the demise of the Germanic or German ruling class.”

“At the moment when in every little detail our weal and woe are put in permanently in the hands of so-called public opinion, the master of the state is he who understands the most skillfully how to make this public opinion his servant. And the one who can do that best is he who knows how to tell ville and cunning lies. And that is ultimately not the German, but he whom Schopenhauer calls the ‘great master of lies,’ the Jew.”

“You have the devil for a father, and the lusts of your father ye will do! He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own nature: for he is a liar and the father of lies.“ (John 8:44)

Using the greatest lie of the 20th century, the alleged mass extermination of 4-6 million Jews by our German ancestors, the Jew gags not just the German people; all nations are made to feel guilty! The German people, however, is suffering, based on this perfidious horror story, the defilement of their history and the vilification of their great men, and thereby the killing of the German spirit. Anyone today who argues “the Holocaust is not relevant to me” is not aware of the the heinous peril this puts our people in as a result of the systematic dumbing-down and re-education of the German people.
For it is neither natural nor normal when such a great and culture-creating people as the Germans are actively participating in their own destruction by welcoming into their midst millions of people of other races who are here to rob, rape and murder them!
That is sick!
So it is obvious that anyone who now collaborates with the enemy by supporting the continued existence of the occupation construct called the FRG is a traitor!
Even passive behavior, such as silence about recognized wrongs, is actively aiding the enemy and harming one’s own people.
This choice of silence and the low profile is made possible because the German is indoctrinated by all those in the service of the Jews to say it is wiser to give in. Of course, then what is ordered and carried out is what the stupid want. The stupid, however, do not realize that they are being directed by a hidden source.
Where are now the bright minds of the German people?
Certainly, they still exist in large numbers and aways have.
But if they are not being blackmailed, detained or having „accidents,“ these people stay silent for fear all these things could happen to them as well.
But their lives, those of their families and of their very people cannot be saved in this way.
And still more Germans say nothing because they are victims of another notion imposed on the German mind by Jewish “wisdom”: “You can’t change anything; things are just the way they are!”
Citing now Goethe’s words [in „Faust“], “In the beginning was the deed,” I urge you, the recipient of this letter, to finally look seriously at our German history and the truth about it.
Do not trust the fabrications of the victors; realize who is really behind all the war, death and suffering in the world. Find out who alone benefits if Europe is bled dry in a great war of the peoples and all nationalities are abolished by the mixing of the races.
The infiltration of the alien masses into Europe is not some accident; it was planned this way!
The Bundeswehr [German military], the police and all those under oath to the German people in armed organizations are hereby summoned to put an end to this war against their own people.
A decent new German leadership must eliminate the FRG and the German Reich must regain its ability to act.
Able men of military age are immediately to be drafted and stationed on the German borders to protect against the incursions of further hordes and to restore order and security in the Reich.
Through official announcements by the provisional leadership, the German people will be informed about all the lies and their implications. Those responsible for preserving and disseminating these atrocity stories will be removed from office and their press and media positions.
Just as suddenly, a great healing will begin, enabling the German people to freely decide on a constitution, which is a prerequisite to forming a new government.
These measures must be done now!
You can still prevent the planned interethnic war in Europe!
Henry Hafenmayer