Open Letter 3

Oberhausen, den 22.03.2016


Open Letter III

District Court Duisburg
König-Heinrich-Platz 1
47051 Duisburg
Police headquarters Essen
Büscherstraße 2-6
45131 Essen

Case number: 11 Gs 315/16 116 Js 366/15
House search 05.02.2016/Your Decision of 05.02.2016
Mr. Timm ( “judge” of the District Court)
Officials and employees of the FRG [“Federal Republic of Germany” = the puppet government set up in Occupied Germany by the western Allies –US, Britain and France — in 1949]
(I have attached to this letter, which is being sent out to 400 recipients, the paper version of the book published in 1922 entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Unless noted otherwise, all quotations used in this letter refer to this book.)

As servants of the enemy occupying power, it seems you feel an urgent need to “investigate” me. Is it not obvious enough that I am the author of these “open letters”?

You are now supposed to drag me before [your] Inquisition on charges of incitement. Against what people have I then incited hate, the Chosen [People] of Yahweh? The people that act on the following instructions ?

“We must unceasingly poison in all countries the relations of the peoples and states toward each another; we must wear down all the nations by envy and hatred, by conflict and war, yes, even by privation, hunger and spread of diseases, such that the Gentiles see no other way than to submit to our financial power and complete domination.

Our slogan is: violence and hypocrisy! Violence is the foundation, but cunning and deception act as the instruments of power. Therefore, we must not shrink from bribery, fraud, and betrayal ….

The gentiles are a flock of sheep, but we Jews are the wolves. “

Must one really commit incitation against a people living by such principles?

Should not you and all those who are in the service of this morally sick people finally tell the truth to the German people about the reasons why you were chosen for your posts?

“In constitutional issues of fundamental importance, the courts decide as we prescribe, of course only through intermediaries, with whom we apparently do not have the slightest contact. Our helpers are pleasure-seeking officials….. “

You should not be fooled by the propaganda of the enemy media that your rule will last for long because they too work only for the Jews, as the following extracts from The Protocols attest:

“In the ‘advanced’ countries, we have created a mindless, dirty, disgusting created literature. Most people do not know whom the press actually serves.

These news agencies must end up in our hands and only publish what we order. We have already succeeded in dominating the world of ideas in non-Jewish society in such a way that almost all Gentiles view world events through the colored glasses which we put on their noses.

Books and newspapers are two of the most important means of our re-education program. This of course must not become know to the public. Our newspapers and magazines must therefore outwardly belong to the most varied camps to gain the trust of the unsuspecting non-Jews so as to lure them all into the trap and render them harmless.

All members of the press are mutually bound to professional secrecy. No writer of the day will dare to violate that provision, since only those persons are admitted to the writing professions whose past contains some dark areas.  This stigma would be revealed to the whole public as soon as a one of them breached professional secrecy. “

The German people and its European neighbors are finally seeing through the crooked games of the “western community of values” and defending themselves against its agents. Yet there are still some who believe that politicians want to achieve something good for their people. I warmly recommend to such people to learn who these democratically elected politicians really are.

“As long as it seems too risky to hand major responsibilities in the state over to our Jewish brethren, we will entrust then only to such non-Jewish persons whose past and character guarantee reliability. This includes the requirement that between them and the people a huge emotional gap must exist! It is for this exact reason that so many members of the Senate and senior administrators blindly follow our advice.

The brutish minds of the Gentiles are incapable of dissecting concepts and observing things; all the less can they see what extensive conclusions can be derived from certain decisions that are taken.

Frivolity and shortsightedness of the gentile rulers in all matters of state monetary and fiscal economics, and the venality and incompetence of the highest state officials, have brought all non-Jewish states into such debt bondage to us that it can never be overthrown.

All the wheels of the state machinery are driven by a force that is throughly in our hands: gold! The economic theories invented by our scholars have already alloted to money [as opposed to actual goods and services] a superior power.”

Here it is disclosed that all the crimes by governments against their people are no coincidence!

With a few breaks, for hundreds of years this “chosen people” has secretly been pulling the strings, because it adheres to the following fixed plans, among other things:

“We have devised an untrue doctrine of the state and instilled it in the Gentiles. The important secret is increasing the errors and infirmities amongst the people. All bad habits and passions must be taken to extremes so people stop understanding each other.

In this way it will be easy for us to sow discord in all parties, prevent any gathering togetherof forces, and discourage personal energy.

But since all the nations are split into political parties and the party struggle requires huge amounts of funds, all parties and nations depend on us because we alone have the money.

Statecraft must be about taking the property of others without hesitation but only if this leads to more servility and power.

In order to control public opinion, we have to sow so much doubt and discord among the non-Jews that they conclude it is best to have or express no opinions at all. “

Can one manifest more clearly than this the fact that they are an enemy of all peoples, and exactly as Martin Buber wrote: “The no to the life of the nations”?

“But we want the degeneration of the Gentiles” is what this people frankly admits.

It is no wonder if the servants of this satanic little nation lend themselves to the implementing of mankind-destroying programs such as “gender mainstreaming.”

The family too, as the smallest functioning cell of a healthy people, is to be destroyed.

In the Protocols it is stated: “After we have gotten everyone used to the idea of self-determination, we will destroy the importance of the non-Jewish family and its morally educating values.”

This is done with the help of secret societies, because “for this purpose we have founded the secret, Jewish, Masonic lodges, infesting all nations. [Stupid goy] oxen whom we have prompted to attend the open Masonic lodges are scattering dust in the eyes of their brothers so they will willingly help in implementing our plans.

If they admit “that all the evil which we have instigated over the course of many centuries has finally led to true welfare,” they certainly do not mean the welfare of the Gentiles!

By infiltrating the churches, falsifying history and finding ways to distract the masses, they decompose the nations until the are ripe for Jewish world domination. In the Protocols we read as follows:

“The non-Jewish governments have a hard time staying at the helm. They are surrounded by a society that we have made so immoral that they have lost any belief in God. For this goal of undermining society, we need to destroy the belief in God, tear out any thought of God and the Holy Spirit from the soul of the Gentiles and replace it with an orientation toward quantity and physical needs.

At our instigation, the clergy of the Gentiles has been brought low in the eyes of the people and deprived of any real influence on the masses. If they still had the masses behind them, that would mean a serious obstacle for the realization of our plans. But their influence on the people is visibly receding every day.

When the time is ripe to finally destroy the power of the popes, the finger of an invisible hand will point the peoples’ attention to the papal court [the Vatican].

We will be able more quickly to finish off the other beliefs [such as Protestantism], but it is premature to speak of that now.

If once the people have lost the ability for independent thinking, they will just repeat everything after us. We will then bring forth new lines of thinking promoted by individuals who are not suspected of any connection with us.

We will delete all facts of history from the memory of mankind which are inconvenient for us.

In order thaat the masses do not grasp what is happening, we will steer them toward all kinds of amusements, games, passions and kinds of seminars.”

Of special relevance regarding the lies about our later German history, this 1897 work already has the Jewish leaders saying:

“As soon as we are attacked by one state, other countries come to our rescue. Our position is founded on the infinite vileness of the non-Jewish peoples, who crawl before power.

Once a non-Jewish state dares to resist us, we must cause his neighbors to war against him. But if his neighbors make common cause with him and take action against us, then we must unleash a world war.”

And all the peoples of Europe should keep in mind:

“Should it come to a joint uprising of all the European states against us, then American cannons will respond on our behalf. “!

We European peoples are lied to and deceived by stupid, profoundly contemptible, spineless cads who serve the Jews! At their zionist congress, a hundred years after the French Revolution, the elect proclaimed:

“In ancient times already we were sounding the horn among the peoples for ‘freedom, equality, and fraternity!’ These words have often been repeated by unthinking parrots, and these same words have destroyed true personal freedom in the world.

Even intellectual and wise Gentiles did not understood the real meaning of these words; they did not recognize their inner contradiction. They did not state the truth that nature knows no equality, nor can she give freedom. Nature itself has set up the law of the inequality of minds, characters, and skills.

Once we attain absolute rule, we will replace this old liberal shouting about ‘freedom, equality, and fraternity!’ which our lodges cried out to the world.”

And who has always done  the dirty work of poor, always persecuted Jewry?

“….the ranks of our army of socialists, anarchists and communists”

And what awaits the people when their world domination is achieved is made clear in these two sentences:

“Once we have achieved world domination, we will not tolerate other beliefs! We will eliminate all academic freedom!”

Read the Protocols and decide now whether you want to help the German people get back into the light or to continue to serve the dark side. To all who decide to be the latter, let me point out that the Federal Republic of Germany may not stand much longer as your protector — and the death penalty provision of the German Reich has not been abolished!

For those who openly look forward to your healing and that are willing to finally work through the true historical context, among many good works one can recommend the very revealing book by Ulrich Fleischhauer “Court Reports of the Berne Trial,” which is available on

The Jew can exercise his destructive activity only when the peoples in submissive manner shy away from his clamor and threats.

Each individual must ask himself whether his actions, no matter by whom demanded or ordered, serve a reasonable purpose and do not harm our own people. If the required action serves an evil purpose, you know immediately who you’re talking to, and you must refuse to execute it! Do not shrink back when bullying accusations such as “Nazi”, “racist” or “anti-Semite” are hurled at you. Recognize finally for what end, and against whom, and by whom these terms are used.

“Death is the inevitable end of all human beings. Therefore it is better to hasten this end for those who harm our cause. They all die as soon as it is necessary, and apparently of natural causes,”

it says in the Protocols, and without even blushing.

Do you still believe in coincidences when politically active people have strange accidents?

A fictional Holocaust, a September 11, 2001, the mixing of peoples and many other staged national events are milestones on the road to Jewish world domination.

Wake up finally and help prevent the impending war of the nations and ethnicities in Europe!

Henry Hafenmayer

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