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On Monday, 22 October 2018, the following message from Jean Faurisson, Robert’s brother in France, landed in my email box:
Subject: Pr.Robert Faurisson is dead
I regret to inform you that my brother Robert passed away yesterday Sunday 21st of October at about 19:00h. Just as he entered through the door of his home in Vichy returning from a trip to his birth place in Shepperton (UK), he collapsed presumably because of a massive heart stroke.
There had been meetings with friends which were interrupted twice violently by opponents of his views. A video from bocage-info herebelow shows. I was accompanying him on this occasion
His 90th birthday was due on 25th January next.
>Message du 21/10/18 21:56
>Copie à :
>Objet : [RR] Dépêche No 161/18
>BOCAGE-INFO Le Professeur Faurisson donne une conférence dans sa ville natale.Une vidéo de Vincent >Reynouard
>Resistance Revisionniste — L’information doit rester libre.
Best regards to everybody
Jean Faurisson
Robert Faurisson and a number of concerned European revisionist-nationalists had met in the English town of Shepperton for a conference, which an anti-racist hate-group managed to sabotage by threatening the owner of the establishment, who quickly caved in and asked the conference organisers to vacate the premises. The video clip, which captures this event, speaks for itself – *   Robert Faurisson, accompanied by his brother, Jean, on this trip to the UK for the conference, returned to his home in Vichy, then suffered a fatal heart attack. Admittedly, Robert was not in the best of health but the added stress of such a sabotage act must have drained him.
After all, his almost life-long legal court battles in matters “Holocaust” had taken its toll. Just in April 2018 he suffered a further defeat when a court hearing the defamation action launched by Faurisson against Le Monde found in the newspaper’s favour. The judgment followed the David Irving 2000 verdict that also found against Irving – branding him an “Antisemite”, “Holocaust denier” and a “Racist”. In Faurisson’s defamation loss he was, on 12 April 2018, declared to be a “professional liar” and a “falsifier of history”. Earlier, in 2007, Faurisson had lost a defamation action against French Justice Minister Robert Badinter, who had labelled Faurisson a “forger of history”, and well known liar herself, US based Professor Deborah Lipstadt, put the knife into Faurisson: “Believe me this man is nothing but a forger of history and a liar and an anti-Semite.”
Although such legal labelling would terminate anyone’s career – he was not dismissed from his university post until 1991 – Faurisson could smile at such a judgment’s folly. The very same newspaper had 40 years earlier given space to Faurisson’s thoughts by publishing an even then definitive essay: “The Problem of the Gas Chambers, or the Rumor of Auschwitz”. Perhaps this year’s legal judgment it was payback time for an “editorial mistake” so long ago. …  continue reading the complete PDF

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