The story about Ernst Zündel and His Struggle and His Life as Revisionist - the short version - is very well depicted above.

Before his God and history, Ernst Zündel vowed in a symbolic act, standing and touching the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1968, that he would lift the blood libel of the Holocaust from the German World War II generation and free their children from the curse that is the fraudulently peddled "Holocaust".

In four decades of almost superhuman struggle, he has mortally wounded one of the most diabolical schemes ever hatched by evil men who manipulated, deceived and defrauded an unsuspecting public with fake history.

It hasn't been easy. He has felt the consequences.

He has been forced to spend one-tenth of his life in prisons of the Western "democracies" as a political prisoner - in Canada, in the USA, in Canada again and finally in Germany.

To this day, he is efficiently gagged by the German authorities who monitor his every word.

However, the struggle continues - taken up by his many friends and followers around the world.

Quite simply: Will you help?

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