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B022 Click to enlarge! Did Six Million Really Die?
by Richard Harwood

This is the most controversial and most "expensive" little publication printed in the English language in modern times. Millions of words have been spoken and written about this publicaation, and more millions of dollars have been spent on both sides in litigation as the result of the two major Zündel Holocaust Trials - and beyond. Anybody who would like to understand the fundamental arguments about Revisionism should start here!

Booklet, saddle-stitched
30 pages
B023 Click to enlarge! The First Leuchter Report:
The End of a Myth

by Fred Leuchter Jr.

A scientific report on the alleged execution gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, Poland.

Ernst Zündel: "There are few times in history when one document has the potential to shatter an historical myth - the claim that the Germans gassed millions of Jews in concentration camps during World War II."

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
33 pages
B024 Click to enlarge! Starben wirklich sechs Millionen? Über einen Gerichtsprozeß in Kanada

Eine Zusammenfassung der beiden Strafprozesse gegen den Deutsch-Kanadier Ernst Zündel, der behauptete, es sei unwahr, daß während des zweiten Weltkrieges sechs Millionen Juden deutscher Hand ermordet wurden. Zeitungsberichte usw.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
64 pages
B025 Click to enlarge! The Second Leuchter Report:
Dachau, Mauthausen, Hartheim

by Fred Leuchter Jr.

The purpose of this report was to determine whether the alleged gas chambers at three specific locations could have operated in any manner resulting in single or multiple executions.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
94 pages
B026 Click to enlarge! The Third Leuchter Report
by Fred Leuchter, Jr.

This is a technical report on the execution gas chamber at Mississippi State Penitentiary, Parchman, Mississippi. The purpose of this report was to graphically demonstrate the design and construction requirements and operational protocol as well as the personnel safety requirements of an execution gas chamber.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
70 pages
B027 Click to enlarge! The Fourth Leuchter Report
by Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

This is an expert evaluation of Jean-Claude Pressac's book "Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers". The purpose of this report was a scientific evaluation to determine the veracity of the alleged "new evidence" that gas chambers were indeed used in a genocidal program to exterminate the Jews of Europe.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
55 pages
B028 Click to enlarge! The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition
by Germar Rudolf

This edition publishes all four Leuchter Reports in one volume and subjects the first of them, which has caused a huge controversy and triggered a landslide of new research, to a thorough critique, backing up Leuchter's claims with more information and references where he is right, and correcting him where he erred.

228 pages
B029 Click to enlarge! The Rudolf Report - An Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the "Gas Chambers of Auschwitz"-
by Germar Rudolf

This paperback, in a first translation into English, provides the answer to the question: Could a well-known insecticide, commonly used for pest control, have been used to kill millions of Jews during World War II in so-called gas chambers? A must for any chemist or engineer curious about this question.


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B030 Click to enlarge! Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of "Truth" and "Memory"
by Ernst Gauss

Today, challenging the Holocaust, whether in whole or in part, has been made punishable by law in many Western democracies. Yet a growing body of evidence, accumulated by the investigators featured in this work and by other researchers, raises increasingly troubling questions about the standard version of Hitler's alleged attempt to exterminate the Jews. As the Holocaust becomes an ever bigger taboo, as the questions from earnest dissenters grow more insistent, Western society stands at a crossroads. Does a decent regard for Hitler's Jewish victims, however many they were, justify suppressing open inquiry and stifling free expression?

450 pages
B031 Click to enlarge! Der erste Leuchter Report
- Fred Leuchter Jr.

Resultate einer wissenschaftlichen, technischen und forensischen Untersuchung der "Gaskammern" und anderer Installationen in den ehemaligen Konzentrationslagern von Auschwitz, Birkenau und Majdanek from dem U.S. Gaskammer- und Exekutionsexperten Fred Leuchter. Wahrscheinlich das wichtigste Dokument der Holocaust-Revision!

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
52 pages
B032 Click to enlarge! Der zweite Leuchter Report: Dachau, Mauthausen und Hartheim
Von Fred Leuchter Jr.

Auch dieser zweite Leuchter Report stellt eine Pionierarbeit dar, über die Frage der "Gaskammern" an drei Orten Klarheit zu schaffen, wo angeblich unzählige Juden mit Blausäure umgebracht wurden.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
122 pages
B033 Click to enlarge! Did Six Million Really Die?
Report of the Evidence in the Canadian “False News” Trial of Ernst Zündel, 1988

Edited by Barbara Kulaszka with a foreword by Robert Faurisson

Most of the considerable testimony given at the trial over a period of three months has been condensed into summaries for the reader. The testimonies of important historians, however, have been included almost in their entirety. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of direct quotes from the transcripts and the accuracy of reproductions of exhibits referred to in the trial. This is the most important documentation of two earth-shaking political trials challenging the conventially accepted version of what is called “The Holocaust.”

Large-format paperback
562 pages
B034 Click to enlarge! Das Holocaust Syndrom
von Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich

Der Autor schreibt in der Vorbemerkung: "Dies ist kein Unterhaltungsroman, der vom Anfang bis zum Ende fortlaufend in einer Richtung gelesen werden muß. Man kann kreuz und quer - je nach Interesse - beliebige Kapitel auswählen und lesen. Irgendwann wachsen dann die einzelnen Mosaiksteinchen zu einem Gesamt-Puzzle des Holocausts zusammen, und zwar von seinen Urgründen bis zum heutigen Tag. Aufgabe einer eigenständigen deutschen Geschichtsschreibung wäre es, ein aufgezwungenes Geschichtsbild von den Fälschungen der Siegermächte zu befreien. Dieses Buch ist eines der ersten Versuche, genau dieses zu tun.

299 pages
(slightly shopworn)
B035 Click to enlarge! Exactitude: Festschrift for Robert Faurisson to his 75th birthday
- Edited by Dr. Robert Countess, Dr. Christian Lindtner, Germar Rudolf

On January 25, 1929, a man was born who probably deserves the title of the most courageous intellectual of the last third of the 20th century: Robert Faurisson. With hitherto unheard of bravery and steadfastness, he challenged the dark forces of historical and political fraud, deception, and deceit with his unrelenting exposure of their lies and hoaxes. This book pays tribute to one of Revisionism's greatest heroes. Paperback. 138 pages.

138 pages
B036 Click to enlarge! The Giant with Feet of Clay:
Raul Hilberg and His Standard Work on the Holocaust

by Jürgen Graf

From the back cover: A significant monograph from the indefatigable Jürgen Graf - and yet another contribution to the body of work at the center of Holocaust Revisionism. That he writes charmingly, too, is an additional dividend.

128 pages
B037 Click to enlarge! The Six Million Reconsidered
- A Special Report by the Committee for Truth in History

The present volume is conceived as a supplement that weighs the credibility of age-old Jewish atrocity tales - of which the "six million" story is but the latest and greatest - in the light of several historical-cultural factors that deserve to be known better than they have been. The Zionists and their friends do not want the non-Jewish world to learn about these forbidden matters, for reasons that we hope will quickly become apparent.

Large-format Paperback
134 pages
B038 Click to enlarge! Auschwitz: Fakten versus Fiktion

Im April 1990 kam es zu einem sehr bedeutungsvollen, von den Massenmedien aber vollkommen übergangenen Ereignis. Franciszek Piper, der neue Direktor des polnischen Museums in Auschwitz, ließ in einer Nacht- und Nebeloperation 20 Aufschriften auf evenso vielen Gedenksteinen des imposanten Denkmals von Auschwitz, die seit den fünfziger Jahren von den “vier Millionen ermordet von nazistischen Völkermördern” in 20 Sprachen verkündet hatten, entfernen.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
52 pages

B039 Click to enlarge! Air Photo Evidence: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, Sobibor, Bergen Belsen, Belzec, Babi Yar, Katyn Forest
by John Ball

This large format paperback contains World War II photos of alleged mass murder camps. Does the evidence confirm or dismiss eye witness stories? Were gas chamber marks put on by C.I.A. workers?

116 pages


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B040 Click to enlarge! The Auschwitz Myth: A Synopsis of Dr. Wilhelm Stäglich's book, "Der Auschwitz Mythos"

In the 1960s, the name "Auschwitz" became synonymous with "genocide". This in-house produced booklet asserts that the Auschwitz legend is rooted in the maze of muddled myth-making. A quick read and overview for the novice in Revisionism.

Paperback booklet, saddle-stitched
87 pages
B041 Click to enlarge! The First Holocaust:
Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War I

by Don Heddesheimer

Most people believe that roughly six million Jews were killed by National Socialist Germany during World War II in an event referred to as the "Holocaust" or the "Shoah". But how long have we known about this six million figure? The most frequent answer is that the six million figure was established after the Second World War during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg…It is actually remarkably older.

141 pages
B342 (B085) Click to enlarge! The Big Book of Holocaust Secrets: The Untold Story of the Allied Rape Campaign against Germany
by Anna Grossmann

From the Introduction: "...rape became a part of the social history of the Soviet zone in ways unknown to the Western zones ... it is important to establish the face that women in the Eastern zone - both refugees from further East and inhabitants of the towns, villages, and cities of the Soviet zone (including Berlin) - shared an experience for the most part unknown in the West, the ubiquitous threat as well as the reality of rape over a prolonged period of time."

Loose-leafed xeroxed version only.
339 pages
B343 (B086) Click to enlarge! For Those Who Cannot Speak
by Michael McLaughlin

From the Introduction: "It is doubtful if any period in history has been as deliberately distorted as the period appertaining to the rise of the political philosophy of National Socialism in Germany. No period in history and no people has been so misrepresented. What the casual observer does not realize is that such books as do discuss that era all have just one thing in common: All are anti-National Socialist, perpetuating both wartime and current political propaganda."

Large-format saddle-stitched booklet.
35 pages
B344 (B087) Click to enlarge! Ein Prozess, der Geschichte macht: Ernst Zundel im Brennpunkt der kanadischen Presse
Historische Tatsachen Nr. 36
von Udo Walendy

Zitat aus dem Vorwort: "Wissenschaftler und andere Experten haben in Toronto vor einem kanadischen Bezirksgericht unter Eid zu dem Tabu-Thema unserer Zeit Erkenntnisse offengelegt und vertreten, die nicht mit Strafgesetzen in der BRD geahndet werden können - selbst dann nicht, wenn man berücksichtigt, was hier bei uns in der Vergangenheit alles mit Indizierung, Beschlagnahme und Vernichtung historisch-wissenschaftlicher Literatur praktiziert worden ist."

Large-format paperback booklet.
40 pages

B345 (B088) Click to enlarge! Five Stony Tears for Audre: The Moving Story of One Brave Revisionist's Fight for Truth, Justice, and Freedom.
by Ingrid Rimland Zundel

Review by Paul Eisen, Director, Deir Yassin Remembered: Whatever you may think about Revisionism and Revisionists, you'll be hard-pressed not to thrill to the story of MacKenzie Paine (pseud.). Audre died in a terrible car accident at 6:30 in the evening on March 12, 2002 in Alabama, USA. One of her last earthly communications was an email to a Palestinian revisionist, Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, which ended: "... If I fly into Amman, can you meet me and point me in the right direction to Palestine?" This is the kind of booklet you'll never forget!"

25 pages

(Recommended: Buy it in batches of 20 as handouts...)