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Click to enlarge! David Irving on the Holocaust
Taped several months after the Zündel Trial in 1988 and the ground-breaking Leuchter Report that demolished the orthodox Holocaust story of industrial mass murder by means of an insecticide called Zyklon B, Irving speaks of his involvement in the trial as an expert witness - and his changed perception of what, indeed, took place at Auschwitz - or, more correctly, what didn't take place, and what his most courageous but controversial testimony means for his career as one of the world's best-known historians.
120 minutes

English $20.00
Click to enlarge! David Irving on Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was a man, claims best-selling historian David Irving, who destroyed two empires - one of them the enemy's. Working exclusively from primary sources in many languages - including unpublished Polish, Czech, Israeli as well as scholarly research in British and foreign archives like Washington, Paris, and Moscow - Irving has built up a monumental account of Britain's wartime leader who was, in fact, a deeply flawed man of extraordinary cunning and ruthlessness.
120 minutes

English $20.00
Click to enlarge! David Irving: Smear Campaigns to Stifle Truth in History -
A very angry David Irving recalls incident after incident where the Holocaust Lobby - he coined the phrase, "The Traditional Enemy" - tried to discredit his hitherto brilliant career as a skilled biographer of important historical figures of the Second World War.
This is an outspoken speech about the little-known, career-destroying modus operandi by gatekeepers of the traditional but never forensically verified Holocaust claims of large-scale "mass gassings".
120 minutes

English $20.00